Ladies, make the breast choice this month.

With 1.7 million women diagnosed yearly, breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. According to the National Cancer Registry (2017) in South Africa, one in 26 women is at risk of developing breast cancer. And whilst the risk for breast cancer increases as a person ages, many women under 40 have been – and continue to be– diagnosed. The problem is that many young women in South Africa are not aware of the risk of breast cancer, ways to monitor their breast health at home or where to go for help.

This year, Strawberry Lips continues its ongoing efforts to encourage young ladies all over the country to check their breasts regularly with the #DontBeAHotHead campaign. When we raise our voices about breast cancer, we help create awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening, early detection, and support. So, #DontBeAHotHead – join us in reaching millions of people throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month by spreading the hashtag #DontBeAHotHead with family and friends on social media.

Choose to live – Don’t ignore these risk factors

  1. There is an increased risk of developing breast cancer if there is a family history.
  2. Women who have never had children or only had them after 30 have an increased risk.
  3. Being overweight and having minimal levels of physical activity puts you at higher risk.

Hey, best friend, don’t be a hothead – here are some early warning signs

Early detection saves lives

Breast cancer can be detected early on, which makes it significantly easier to treat. This is why it is so important to regularly get screened for the disease to catch it in its early stages. Many women, however, are unaware that they can perform an examination on themselves at home, meaning that it can go undetected for as long as 10 years. So, here is a simple guide on how to do a self-exam at home.

  1. How to perform the breast self-examination:
  2. Stand shirtless in front of a mirror and visually look for any discolouring, dimples, or change of shape or symmetry on your breasts.
  3. Conduct a physical exam using your hands. Using your fingers, trace circular motions over your breasts using different levels of pressure as you do. Feel for any lumps or irregular skin. Don’t forget to check all the way up to your armpits.
  4. Most importantly, take your time! This isn’t a race, it’s your life.

Perform this self-exam once a month as a habit, regardless of whether you find anything. Stay safe, and don’t be a hot head! The sky is the limit.
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