Mic check 1 2, Social Club is back on air

Back by popular demand, and this time we are making serious waves

Strawberry Lips - Social Club

Hey Joburg, Besties! It’s your turn to step up to the decks and join the Social Club. If you’re a radio head who’s always bopping to the latest mixes or loves entertaining and conversing with people, cue the excitement because this one is for you. Strawberry Lips, the brand that empowers women, has switched up the tempo by partnering with Mat Elle, an award-winning radio personality and Queen of Afro-Tech. It’s time to turn the tables because we are offering you an opportunity of a lifetime. WIN an exclusive radio DJ masterclass to amp up your skills and gain new insights from Beauty with the Beat. Stay in the loop, and follow @Strawberrylipsliqueur on social media for weekly updates.

Girls wearing white robes drinking Strawberry Lips

We’re summer ready, Are you?

Hey Gorgeous, summer is right around the corner, and this calls for a pamper party with your squad. So, get your sparkle on while enjoying the perfect sip of pink. Strawberry Lips is all about sisterhood, friendships and bringing the squad together, and we have the ideal cocktail to stir things up.


100ml Strawberry Lips

50ml Vodka

100ml Cranberry Juice

½ Cup of crushed ice


Mix the vodka, cranberry juice, and ice together. Fill three-quarters of the glass with the mixture, then tilt the glass slightly and carefully pour Strawberry Lips onto the side of the glass (or pour it over the back of the spoon) so that the layers don’t mix. Garnish your cocktail with fun pink sprinkles, and enjoy.

Serves 2

*clink* *clink*

Girl drinking Strawberry Lips

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